Navision native DB

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I’ve a question on the NAV native db … Is it a DBMS or RDBMS ? I’m really confused, Plz give me ur valuable ans.

Also if it’s a native DB thn how much max size of a DB can be handled by NAV …

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Navision’s native Database is come under the RDBMS concepts.,And the maximum size of the native database is 128 GB only.,

Navision’s native database cant grow more than 128 GB.

O dear! In anciant days a Navision (text-based version) database started as 20 MB which usually was enough to contain 1-2 years of data… Ok that was in those days when computers had 1 MB RAM, 40 MB harddisk, 1.44 MB floppydisk and did cost a fortune. My age? Don’t ask!

The native database can support 256 GB.

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I searched so many resources like ADG and all Pdfs in product CD, there I can find that Navision native database has maximum size is 128 GB only.Can u Kindly tell me where u know that “Navision’s” native Database has maximum size of 256 GB.

We have clients whose licenses allow the database to be expanded to 256 GB. Your Navision partner needs to request the license update.

Yes, your age!

And Navision (include the database) was delivered on 2 floppy disks!

If you look in the application developers guide there is a specification for the DBMS which states the Database file size can be 256GB.

Although in my experience you wouldn’t want to run the native database anywhere near that much data!

It also says we can have 500 concurrent users in Version 5, but again, even on SQL I wouldn’t want to go anywhere near that figure either…