Navision Monitoring

Hallo! We have to outsource MBS Navison 3.70 (SQL) Server for our customer. That is classic scenario: one SQL Server and one Citrix Server with (many) Navision Client(s). User sees application through Citrix Client. Our problem is monitoring, especially performance monitoring. We have to guaranty to our customer availability and response time. So, we must check automatically every hour if everything is OK in Navision. We have a tool for SQL Server, but that is not enough. I tried to find something about it, but I found nothing. As I can see, as first, I have to start one Navision Client on Citrix Server and to check if finsql.exe is in Process List. Than, I have to do SOMETHING and to check if output is OK. And finally, and most important, I have to measure time needed for that. But WHAT kind of procedure is important to messure? I think may be I have to invent hot water again, may be somebody can give me a tip?

Use Navision Application Server (NAS). Have NAS run a few FINDs on big tables. If the FIND takes longer than expected, have it send an email to someone. NAS can run the tests as often as you like, just don’t run them so often that you CAUSE a performance issue.

I have a form that allows you to view user activity. It adds a tiny amount of load ont he DB, but it is extremely usefull to indicate a/ if users are working on the system, and b/ if it is slow. I’ll put it on my web site, and post a link back here later today. Look for Session Monitor on this page. Please send me an email if it helps.[:D]

Check, they are preferred hosting partner of Microsoft Business Solutions and have customers all over the world. You can contact Philip Actor if you want to.