Navision Medical Healthcare

I woul like to know about any MBS partners active in the healthcare medical or pharmaceutal verticals, or that have done previous implementations for customers in these verticals. Or response from any customers in these verticals. Marius Swart Oberdata South Africa

There is a MBS-Partner in Portugal that has a few Add-Ons for: - Hospitals and Health Centers and - Pharmaceutic Distributors. Try to browse this page: over Google’s translator from Portuguese to English: Or you could try to contact them for more info: [edit] The direct link to browse the translated version was not working well

There is an excellent NSC in the Netherlands with good add-ons for all purposes you asked, Falcon IT. Check You can contact Charles Ave if you have any questions…

Don’t know whether it is what you are looking for, but Omega Pharma in Belgium is user of Navision 3.6.

We have a vertical solution for the health care industry. You can check out for more information. Let me know if you can’t find what you’re looking for there.

One more: cabus Kiel:

I worked on the first SAP implementation to achieve FDA validation in the UK and have so far been involved in most of the Navision UK pharma deals. You can contact me on

Any Hospital references for VisionPay? We are looking into purchasing Navision, but I need a Hospital reference. Any english speaking reference. Many thanks