Navision Manufacturing

Hi, I’m working on Navision Version 3.01.B I am Looking at the MRP module and I manually creating Planned Production Orders for Items with a 2 level bill of material. The Second Level Item is common to a number of First Level Items What I’m trying to do is set a Minimum Order Quantity on the Second level Product so that when I create multiply Production Orders and refresh them the Second Level total Qty is never less tha the mininium Order Qty on the Item Card. But I can’t get this too work Can anyone let me know how I could do this. Thanks Brian

Hi Brian I am not entirely clear on what you are saying. Are you saying of the lower level component parts you want Navision to plan to a minimum reordering quantity, even if the multiple demand created above is less? As an example widget A id to be used in 5 production orders and each required is 5 therefore the requirement is 25 but you order these in a minimum of 100 so want Navision to plan to order 100? What are your current settings on the item card for reordering policy? Cannot remember where Navision reprogrammed this I would need to check, it is either a field directly on the item card, or held within the requisition method code (probably the latter on your version).

Hi Brian I think that refresh of Production Order doesn’t take care of Minimum Order Quantity in Item Card. This is a planning parameter, therefore it is used be the Calculation Plan from Planning Worksheet.