Navision Manufacturing Scrap Qty.

Our client is on 3.70 A Navision. They have a problem where they have scrapped all their output in the last operation of their routing. They would have posted Consumption manually. They also would post the Run Time etc. with a zero output Qty. They would enter the total quantity as scrap in the last operation. Now, when they try to change status on this Released Production Order to Finished, they get an error that says, “You cannot finish line 10000 on Production Order 56377. It has consumption or capacity posted with no output.” Is this standard behavior? If so is there a workaround or is there a setup parameter that I’m not seeing? If not, will someone please let me know that it is not standard behavior so that I can investigate why it’s doing this? I’d greatly appreciate any help on this. Thanks in advance

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Hi Bhamidi, Yes, this is standard behaviour in 3.70. Navision business logic expects that a production order mut always have an output quantity posted. The assumption of business logic is that when you raise a production order you always intend to produce good quantity for stock. In the process you may be scrapping quantity, so you always produce extra to fulfil the production order. This means that you will need to keep the production order open till the time you have fulfilled the planned production. The accounting of this recorded as extra material used. The scrap quantity posted in the output journal does not have an inventory code. If you want to have the business process to close the order after production then post the output quantity to a separate virtual location and remove it from inventory as an adjustment. Cheers, -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Best regards, Prashanth NCFC, NCMC, NCSD


Hi Bhamidi, It is the standard functionality. The solution is: 1. Post output journal with output quantity as one for this production order. 2. Finish the production order 3. Do “Negative adjustment” in “Item Journal” for this posted output (one quantity). If you need more info., Please refer “Manufacturing costing” maual for “scraping of Production order”. The same scenario is explained. Regs Sekar