NAVISION logon technique

Hi, I’m not an advanced user of NAVISION/ATTAIN software and have got the following task to be solved. As rule, each user of NAVISION begins his work after logon scenario execution (typed valid userID and password within logon window). Having another autentication technique, I need to start NAVISION/ATTAIN from my software, sending valid user ID and password as parameters, avoiding emergence of the mentioned above window. Have anybody experience on this way? Alexander Abramov Centre Invest Group mailto:

Navision offers the ability to use the Windows Logon for authentication. If you use this option, there will not be a logon screen.

Jim Thank You for help. The proposed solution is the best one for Windows autentication mode. Are there any solutions for that case, when Windows authentication option not selected? Is it possible to start NAVISION/ATTAIN in command line with parameter list or calling the proper library procedure or …?