Navision Limits

I work for about 7 years now as a technical Consultant/Developper with Navision and I am still convinced that Navision offers great SW. Right Now I Work for a company with probably the biggest implementation Navision ever did in Europe. We consist out of 120 companys and +/- 6000 employees. Until now we do not have any performance issues in our group. We create our operation solutions from Scratch and the accountancy is done in standard Navision My question : Next year we can implement a new Navison Solution (Operational SW) for a new customer but herefore we will work with 200 Concurrent Users and we need to Create/Process about 35.000.000 entry lines a year. What is your opinion about this big implementations. Has anyone ever worked with this big implementations on SQL or Navive database before ? (Notice that HW is not an issue.)

Sorry, 1st I posted a wrong comment from an other topic here. A year has about 250 working days, 8 hours a day with 60 minutes per hour and 60 seconds per minute, so about 7.200.000 seconds for normal working hours. So you have to proceed 4,87 transactions per second. One of our customers (3.60 technic, 2.60 application) posts 3900 g/l lines in about 90 seconds (43 transactions) on a one year “old” hardware. However, this is not direct compareable. Building the index for 35.000.000 lines is not calculated. But with a careful design and a “good” hardware you should not have any problems with this. A cable-tv company with 3.6 million customers nationwide is using Navision for payment clearing and reminders (g/l as well). Assume you have “only” 3 lines posted per cusomer per month you have 129.600.000 lines per year in the standard application. Regards Walter

Walter, Thanx for you comment. This application i’m talking about will be operational for 2 shifts a day so about 16hours. Because the users will confirm every warehouse movement/Operation they make we will have that many lines. Greetings