Navision & Lightbulbs

Cool new forum, Erik [^] I’ll start with this one: How many Navision license granules does it take to change a lightbulb? [:o)] Suggestions welcome… [8D]

Only one! Granule 620 Product Specialist Regards Walter

Hmm. I guess the whole licence stuff. Only few points: - Service Management - to check the lightbulb - Purchase - to order a new lightbulb - Items - to track the lightbulb stock - ressourcen - how can I manage the change - pay roll - to pay the worker who has changed the lightbulb - cost accounting - to recalculate the costs of change - Jobs - of course a job is necessary for this and so on You will need an extra licence for requesting a lightbulb. bye André


Well, It will get really intresting if the license would be for Philips.

Andre, you deserve an extra star for this answer [:D][:D]


Originally posted by xorph
Andre, you deserve an extra star for this answer [:D][:D]

I guess I just got an extra star [:)]. I’m now a 3 stars member [8D]. Heinz look at your stars. Is there a step at 250 posts? Bye André

Yes, the third star is awarded at 250 posts.