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Hello Everybody, I have problem here with Navision License, I would like to block a ceritan license at a clients site, means i dont want the client to use any other license than the one which is granted to him, cause i have a doubt that he has got his hands on some Developers License and manuplates the code, codeunits and tabledata. But at the sametime i would want to be able to use my license. Is there anyway out of this.

How in the world did your customer get YOUR LICENSE?

I dont know whose license he has as Im not the 1st one to be working on this site, but i know he has been accessing unauthorised areas in Navision. Ok as to how he would have got the License, its simple, take the license on a floppy disk change the license on Navision, work for an hour or 2 and step out for a coffee break leaving Navision FInancials Running on the PC u were working and all what the client has to do is click on Tools - License Information - Export and specify a path… there u go the easiest way getting someones license…!!! Anyways thats not the problem, the problem here is how do I control it now, i tried to put code in Codeunit 1, CompanyOpen() trigger to check the license number, but the problem here is that the User can access the designer without opening the Company… can u think of a way out of this… please help Vishal

This is a problem with Navision flf’s, Developers do copy them to customers pc’s while on site for several days, as Navision has problems when you load from a: then run a report etc: Check out DATABASE Function SERIALNUMBER This returns the Licence number. MESSAGE(’%1’,SERIALNUMBER); Visal I think the customers licence has the same number for each new issue, I am not sure but you might be able to retreive the licence no then create a table and store the number of all approved licences check this in codeunit 1 and error if not approved, only if the system finds records that is or you will be locked out. Or if you have a spare table Log the user ID, licence No., Date and time for each session loggon, then give it a month or so and check the table for different licence numbers! Maybe if NS are watching they could correct this by encripting a password into a developes licence, so you cannot change or start a database without the extra password level. Then if a customer was using a developers licence it would mean that the password was given to that customer! David Cox MindSource (UK) Limited Navision Solutions Partner Email: Edited by - David Cox on 2001 May 06 09:35:37

If your client is not stuck in the 20th century and has a reliable internet connection, you might be able to add some code (perhaps to the OnOpenForm trigger of the Main Menu Form) which emails you the number of the license and perhaps some other info every time the program is used. ------- Tim Horrigan

Thank You People for your co-operation and support that u have extended to me, but from the solutions that u have suggested i have already added some code in the Main Menu Form to check the License No. Like i said before the Client can access the Designer without opening the Main Menu Form or even without selecting a company. I really hope the NS are watching and they would come up with a solution to this problem. Take care and thanks once again.

Do you enabled them rum designer ??? Disalbe to run designer, license import & export !!! Leave minimum superusers on net.

I believe a developers license will eventually expire, so maybe your problem will go away in a few months? Simon

Dear Simon, I agree with you that all developers license will expire at some point of time, but the easiest way to get away with this is to back date the system and use the license


Originally posted by db: Do you enabled them rum designer ??? Disalbe to run designer, license import & export !!! Leave minimum superusers on net.

That “method” won’t really work as users should be able of doing a backup of their database using Navision’s backup option and then restore it in a new file, having all security checks disabled just after the restoring (they can then change passwords and permissions and free the license option ). There is also the date problem with navision’s licenses, as just turning back the date of a computer you can use an expired development license without problems (the only problem for licenses is when finding a newer version of database). It’s a really difficult task to solve, as the client probably keeps a backup of your license in a secure place, so inclusively erasing the file won’t work at all… Good luck (try to convince the client to upgrade the installation to a new version and keep your license secure… :wink: ) – Alfonso Pertierra Spain

Interesting topic. But like when someone gets a copy of your house- or car-keys, it is hard to keep people out. So always use the change option in license information. This way the user can’t export the license, as it is only stored temporarily. And remember to remove the floppy disk again :slight_smile: Consider this topic for EOD, as it actually is a license agreement violation done by the customer. Any comments can be posted in the open topic, thanks. Soren Nielsen, moderator Integration/Developer NOLUG