Navision License File

Could someone please let me know if there is way to find out what Granules are needed in the Navision license file (FIN.FLF) for an existing Navision Financials database to run. I am trying to find out what are the granules that I needed to purchase. Thank you very much. Steven.

I have seen a file which by object, shows the granules needed (The latest copy I have is 2.60, but I’m sure it exists for 3.60). You would need to basically run the database until you get a permissions error and then look up that granule…Not the easiest, but since you want to start with an existing database… If you are an NSC, your sales guys should be able to provide you with the file. If you are an end-user, then go to your NSC to help you locate this file (I don’t think there is anything confidential in it).

Hi Steven, Unfortunately this information is available in “Navision Price List Explanation” only to the partners as they only can determine which granules are required to suit your business process and the related dependencies.