Navision Lic

Hi all,

I want to know where is Navision Lic Information is stored in SQL table.

Basically i need to get LIC info (Like no and Date) from SQL



Hi ,

You have to get it via the client (its a virtual table).


Can I get anywhere from SQL tables.?


Can you explain , please ?

NAV license is stored in encrypted (therefore human-unreadable) form:

  1. in MSSQL Master db $ndo$srvproperty table in most cases,and is shared for all NAV dbs present on that MSSQL server, if there are several.
  2. in each NAV db on MSSQL server, if you have additional granule License per Database. Many dbs on one server usually have only Partners.

License info can be viewed from Client, although there is less info shown than in supplemental .TXT file that come together with your .FLF file - e.g. only in TXT you can see maintenance dates, additionally bought Object types & their number ranges and some other tech info.


So why he needs this info from the SQL side ? :slight_smile:


Actually my main requirement is :

I have multiple Navision database residing on multiple server’s.

I need to know the LIC info of these multiple database.

So my plan was to connect to these server’s by linking it.

So that by executing only 1 script i can get LIC info like date and LIC no by single click.

If i get to know the where LIC info is stored in SQL Master DB or wherewhere , my work will be faster.

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Amol, it is impossible - once more, in db the license is ENCRYPTED.