NAVISION Layout element Property

Hello, Excuse me for my bad english.
I have a problem and i need help
i want to display the height of a table in a textbox (in a report layout)

For exemple in my report layout i have a textbox name text001 and a table name tablix001
now i want to display the height of tablix001 in the text001 (text001 expression)

Thank You very much for your helps


Hi Lorisse,
Is this about RDLC? Which NAV version is it?

Hey Lorisse,

What I understood is you have taken a Textbox inside a Tablix and you want the height of this Tablix to get updated in the textbox everytime you execute. I am sorry I have something running inside my mind, Is this the only textbox inside or many more are there, secondly every time you run the report the height will keep expanding and contracting depending upon the level of data inside the textboxes. So this means every time you run you want the height of this tablix which is totally dynamics. Is that what you want??

it seems that’s an rdlc issue (tablix, …). a solution is maybe possible using a vb-code function in the rdlc report (code section, report properties). if the lines of the tablix have all the same height, you could simply multiply the no. of lines with the lines height and show the result in the textbox.