Navision kicks user back to main menu.

I currently have Navision installed on a Windows Small Business Server 2000 running on SQL. Currently this location has about 25 computers, 20 of which are running Navision through the SBS-SERVER. On one user’s computer, and only one user, After logging into the server and printing out an Sales order it will boot her back to the main menu, and close the sales order screen. Upon clicking on the link to reload the Sales order page, the screen comes back up, however the line item description shrinks to one line and the vertical scroll bar disappears. She can close out Navision and rerun it and it will come back up with no problems whatsoever. However, this results with her name being licensed several times. This problem happens sporadically but does happen usually at least once per day. Any suggestions on how to go about solving this problem would be appreciated

we had a similar problem until we upgraded the clients computer. What windows version are you using & what is your memory?

User is on a windows 2000 SP4 machine with 256 MB of RAM

What is the version of Navision?

The Navision version is 3.6

You have to install a new fin.exe. Read this: That should help you. Ask your NSC for the latest version. You only have to install (copy and replace) the fin.exe.

Yes, Get the updated executable (fin.exe).

alright, according to the article listed above, it looks as if actual code editing has to take place in order to fix this problem. However the client I am servicing with this problem does not have a developer’s license in order to make such a change to the codeunit. Is there a way around this to modify the codeunit in the way you have prescribed? Or is there a hot fix available to fix this problem as of yet?


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Or is there a hot fix available to fix this problem as of yet?

The coding can ‘stop’ the symptom, but not the source (I have done that because there was no hotfix available at that time). You should get the client (fin.exe) to fix this problem (I can’t remember the Hotfix number. Was it 9? But there is a Hotfix for that.) We discussed that problem quite often in the forum. Try another search or

Hi, if you are still experiencing this problem then carry on reading… I’ve seen this problem before and the solution is a simple one… simply find and delete your fin.zup file. Yonis.

I tried both, (Deleting the ZUP file under the user profile and upgrading to the latest finsql.exe client on the Partnersource website, hotfix 17) Now I just need to wait until tomorrow when they start invoicing to see if it fixed the problem.