Navision is slow

Hi There, My company uses Navision Attain 3.60 running on SQL Server. My client is windows xp and when I do open some screens or run some reports with some filters, it takes a long long time to throw the result on to the screen. Is there any way to improve its speeding process. I found one thing under tools/options and object cache. Default value set is 10000. I would like to know what is the use of this object cache or does it helps me if I increase/decrease the value. Regards Khan\

When you open the form, and you have some flow fields on the form, Navision will calculate the formulas for those flow fields. Also if someone define the filters on the form, and that table do not have the proper keys defined on the table, then also this will be slow. Sometimes, when you open the form, you will see in the bottom left corner, stating that “calculating…Press Ctrl+End to Stop” or sometihing like that. This is becase you do not have the proper keys in the table. Naveen Jain