Navision is slow

We find sometimes Navision is very very slow. Most of time this happens when try to do Cash Receipt journals. It seems the larger the amount the slower it goes… The smaller amount the faster it goes… I look at the window find and best key is grey out according to our Navision Provider this means it is optimize… Although 98% cash reciepts journals is what slow us down sometimes just randally the system slow down no reason at all…Our specification our as follows: Cleint: XP Service Pack1 on Petium 4, 256ram, 20gb harddrive, Navision 3.6, run tcp/ip only. Server: Windows 2000 Service pack 3, 1024ram, 60GB on mirror raid, Xeon 1 GB process, Navision 3.6 Native database Database used(KB): 4,770,000 – 60% Database size(KB): 8,000,000 – 12% License size(KB): 65,000,000 DBMS Cache(KB): 770,000 Commit cache box grey and not checked Object Cache(KB): 8000 I was wound would Expanit table optimizer help speed things up? or is there something more simple we can do to correct this speed problem

Hi Frank, There are a few thing you can check to resolve this problem. First of all you can calculate the amount of cache you really need. Navision suggests you use 4 to 12 Megs of cache per user plus 20 Megs per gigabyte of database space. Another thing you can try is to split up your database in more than one file. You’ll get the best result when you put each db-file on a separate harddisk (no partition but really different disks and no network shares!!) The advice from Navision is in this case to create database part that are maximal 2 gigs in size. If that doesn’t work you could always check whether the keys that are used in these table are optimal. Another option is to optimize the table that you have problems with.

Sorry for thr the dumb question but how do I tell which tables does cash receipts journal use?

Enabling commit-cache can have quite an impact on performance. Also the object-cache should be at least 20 MB allthough, the impact of this is more transparent.

Hi, there was a bug in 3.10 in the posting routine of journals (Codeunit 13 and function CopyFields) where the journal is scanned but without the proper key which made it terribly slow. I am not sure that this been corrected in 3.60. I the bugfix I recevied from Navision the following code was added in the beginning of function Copyfields: GenJnlLine5.SETCURRENTKEY(“Journal Template Name”,“Journal Batch Name”,“Posting Date”,“Document No.”); And also in the end of the routine: GenJnlLine5.SETCURRENTKEY(“Journal Template Name”,“Journal Batch Name”,“Line No.”); You can perhaps check if you have this in your database. Otherwise this could perhaps be the solution. Best regards Daniel


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Sorry for thr the dumb question but how do I tell which tables does cash receipts journal use?

The cash receipt uses the following tables (at least these are the most important [:D]): - “Gen. Journal Line” - “G/L Entry” - “Journal Line Dimension” - “VAT Entry” - “Cust. Ledger Entry” - “Detailed Cust. Ledg. Entry” - “Vendor Ledger Entry” - “Detailed Vendor Ledg. Entry” I hope these will help you!! [:)]