Navision IOS App - Could not connect to the Server

I am trying to use the Navision IOS app.

We are using a signed certificate. I have successfully logged into the Navsion web portal both inside and outside of our network. When i try and connect using the IOS app i get the message “Could not connect to the server”.

Has anyone else had the same issue?

What version of the IOS app. What verserion of NAV/365BC? What type of certificate?

Did you install the certificate on your IOS device?

What URL string did you use?

See, it is hard to help you when you provide almost no information… So please try again

We are using Nav 2017 & the latest version of the ios app 2.6.9.

The url i have tried is exactly the same that we successfully use to access the Navision web client via a browser.

I haven’t installed the certificate on the device. From what i have read only self-signed certificates need to be installed on the device. We are using a signed certificate. Maybe i have misunderstood this?

Servicetier is a NavUserPassword? and have you tested that the webclient works outside your domain? and what type of signed certiticate? (RapidSSL?)

I can get the web client to work outside the domain without any problems? The Certificate is apparently a wildcard certificate. I dont know much more than that.

It looks like all our service tier is set to use “Windows” as the Credential type.

You cannot login using Windows Authentication as IOS does not have AD/Windows. You need a servicetier with NavUserPassword as authentication.

Contact your Microsoft Partner - They can help you with the proper setup - because there are many things that need to set before it is going to work. Just ot to mention a few of the things:

  • A NavUserPassword Servicetier
  • A Certificate that matches the domain where NAV is running from (CN needs to be correct)
  • A local ADMIN that runs the service-tier with DB-owner permissions on SQL (to validate user permissions when logging in)
  • All users need to be added as Database users inside NAV
  • Discuss with your organisation if users needs two logins (AD/Windows and NavUserPassword) or only NavUserPassword.
  • Configuration of the firewall

And a few more things to consider

A full setup will probably take your partner 1-2 hours to do.

Thank you for the detailed answer.

I have the ability to setup service tiers and new users. I might try and setup a test user.

Were not looking to roll the app out across the whole company. Just wanted to try it out and see if it could be of any use to our warehouse team.