Navision Internal Error

Anyone encountered any internal errors in navision b4? because i have encountered errors in 2 occasions. these errors are: 1. Internal Error 100 in module 1 2. Internal Error 1355 in module 19 I am using attain 3.01A.

Do you have your database server running on a Unix platform?? I am asking because apparently these messages are caused by the fact that the OS run out of availabale semaphores. The internal errors would translate to: 1. Err_OS_TooManySemaphores 2. Err_DB_DBMNotReentrant Regards //Kalman

the database is running on windows 2000 platform, and it is a navision database. and 1. what do you mean by too many semaphores and NotReEntrant 2. how did you find you find out about this? are these errors documented?

Hello! Have you spoken to Navision’s office in Malaysia (I assume that they have one) or Navision a/s? Navision do have a list of explanations of internal errors. Navision (UK) have a Navision Reseller FAQ page accessible only to UK NSCs that includes this list, so presumably if you speak to your Navision contacts, they should be able to provide you with one. When you speak to to them, let them know under what circumstances the errors occured (Printing, filtering etc.) as the cause of the error is different depending on the circumstances. -------------------------------- Edward Bloomfield Navision Support Consultant Cambridge Online Systems Limited

You can find a brief description of error messages at the If an error message occurs in the module OS(module 1) a good place to lookup the second part of the message(100 in this case) is in the winerror.h. That file is part of the Windows Platform SDK and you can probably download it from Microsoft. If you check you will find that error message 100 is ERROR_TOO_MANY_SEMAPHORES. This means that the operating system cannot create anymore semaphores. The 1355 in module 19 is probably caused by the first problem. The database cannot confirm the execution of a command to the client because of the semaphore failure. Well as I mentioned this is just a possibility of searching for module 1 messages and is true if the message relies on the OS to throw the error. I was suspecting a UNIX semaphore problem because I have encountered semaphore failure on AIX and then I got the above message. By closing the server, cleaning the semaphores (ipcs, ipcrm) and restarting the server the problem was solved. I hope I have not caused many confusions. Regards Kalman