Navision interface with TelNet Devices - Help

Does anyone know if Navision can work with TelNet devices for barcode printing? If not, does a third party offer a ready solution for inventory/material tracking bar coding via mobile scanners. I am looking for an existing and proven solution, not a custom development add-on. What architecture and technology? Edited by - SeanTQuigley on 2002 Aug 02 00:52:42

We are currently working on an RF scan and pack system but this is not integrated with Navision, however I thought it worth listing some of our experience in developing this application as it may save you some time. Firstly we recommend you abandon any solution based on telnet as mixing Windows and telnet is rather like mixing oil and water ! We have adopted an integrated RF environment from a company called Wavelink. This comes as an integrated set of products that covers everything from the client which runs on the RF data terminal to the programming API libaries for a number of popular languages through to the complete management of the RF network and clients. The result is one set of user application code which is basically RF device independent as the environment supports a wide range of brands and models of RF data terminals. In addition the programmer gets device independent access to any I/O device on the RF terminal - things such as barcode scanner, serial printer, keyboard etc even the battery condition is accessible. The product set ? Wavelink Studio