Navision Intercompany Transfer Functionality.

I have a requirement that i have to use the functionality of standard navision for inter company transfer of items.

My client want to transfer the items between 2 companies.

Can you guys guide me how to enable this functionality or provide me with some useful material that defines how to setup this to work.

I would appreciate any help.


Read the documentation available on PartnerSource about Intercompany Transactions. Once you have done that and tried it, and have specific questions, I’m sure someone will be able to help.

Hi kami,

ther is no out-of-thebox synchronization of items between companies.

You will need to write your own code to synchronize ALL tables which are related to your request - meaning item, Item unit of Measure, therefore the unit of meaure table itself, the posting groups, item categories and product group and so on.

To write that code you could extend the functionality of CU423 which tracks MANUAL changes to tables - or if you are running on 2009R2 you could hook on the new global triggers in CU1 or the “integration management” codeunit respectively.