Navision Installation

Is it possible to migrate data of a Navision Installation from 2.6 to 4.0 version or it’s better migrate in two step by an intermediate version of Navision? Where I can find documentation? Thank You M.S.

Have a look at the “Upgrade Toolkit” that are available on each product CD in the Upgtk Folder. There you can find all the necessary information, aswell as the steps that should pe performed depending on the “starting” end target version. Saludos Nils

…just realized that the Upgtk Folder doesn’t exist anymore on the 4.0 Product CD’s…[Oops!] In that case, you’ll have to download it from Partnersource… Haven’t done any 4.0 upgrade, but from the documentation it looks like it can be done with a single step. Saludos Nils

From my personal experience, you can just upgrade from 2.6 to 4.0. I haven’t encountered any problems doing this with 3 upgrades.

Hi, I’m currently upgrading 2.60 to 4.0 SP1 and it can be completed in one step without having to go via other versions. As pointed out, down load the correct tool kit for your country.