Navision Implementation using Swipe card

Hello everybody, Can somebody tell me about how Biometric/swipecard software can be integrated with navision attain…Aslo can somebody help me the encryption standard followed by Navision… kindly let me know as soon as possible. thank you, Rama venkat

You might want to contact VisionPay regarding their integration with terminals / Time Clocks such as the Omni Cadet. These are also Ethernet enabled. They can discuss specific pricing with you for hardware such as Magnetic Swipe Readers, Proximity Readers, Bar Code Readers, Power Back-ups,and all the associated cards for this hardware. I’ve tried to attach a document to this file to display the PDF document they sent me, but for some reason it doesn’t want to upload. I can forward this if needed. For more information on the solution, I’d actually contact VisionPay directly at: Vision Pay Sales Toll Free: (877) 426-5385