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Hi. This is my first time posting to this forum. My company purchased Navision almost 7 months ago and it has not been going well. In fact, so far, I hate the software. It is not completely up and running yet. (our Microsoft Partner is terribly disorganized–right now we have out of the box Navision and they have billed us for 164 hours…and we are no where near up and running. In additon, they do not respond to emails or phone calls for days). I am very frustrated. Does anyone know a good partner or guru that servers the western New York area (Rochester)?

who is your solution center? I believe has local office in NY/NJ area.

Hi Barry,

actually this is exactly what specialize in (thus the company name Go Live) I specialize in helping companies through the Go-Live process. Not sure if this is something you want to discuss on a public forum, so feel free to contact me directly.

You came to the right place. There are a ton of contributors here that can help you go live. We can help you go live as well but we’re based in Los Angeles… [:(]. For your case, you might want to find a company locally to sort out the mess.

One of the MVPs, Harry Ruiz (Savatage), is located in the New York Rochester area too. You might want to contact him and see who his solution center is.

Hi! Thanks a lot. In fact, I want to thank all of you that responded. Microsoft contacted me today and they have located a partner that is reasonably close to me, (Buffalo, NY). I am going to talk to them and determine if they can help. In the meantime I would like to keep in contact with you guys. I am glad I stumbled onto this web site. I will keep you posted.

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While you’re in the process (and of course after it as well) of locating and changing partners, feel free to ask as many questions as you want, we would all be happy to assist in any way we can.

Hi Barry,

I know that at first glance it always seems simplest just to change partners, but before you switch, make sure that you are doing the right thing. Importantly don’t think of geography as being the prime concideration when choosing your new partner. One thing most often overlooked is the size of the VAR, you really need to follwo the Goldie Locks principle here, not to big not too small, but just right. Also understand that switching partners can be expensive, so make sure to get as much as possible from your existing partner before switching.

I wrote this article :

some time ago, take a quick look at it, it may help.

Welcome to the club.

We have also experienced the issue of whats out of the box & what is customisation !!!. Even the requirements gathering & deisgn phase did not highlight the pending issues/cost overruns

We are currently at loggerheads with our microsoft partner & have sought the interjection of microsoft to investigate several issues. You do not explain which modules you are having issues with. Ours is the warehouse module/advanced warehouse module. It would seem that what Microsoft claims is advanced warehouse is what any organisation would expect to be part of any basic package. ie the simple process of stock movement to a pickface utilising lot numbers cannot be handle in warehouse without customisation.

I don’t expect any miricales but it is of some comfort that we are not the only ones in pain. The reality to us is that once you have invested you are locked in and can only expect to bleed $s to resolve the situation

Here;s an interesting link for organisations hoping to avoid implementation headaches.