Navision Ignores Printer Selection

A customer has a dot matrix net work printer. I enter the correct details in the printer selections, Navision allows me to select the printer name etc. When report is run, the default printer for the Pc is always presented intead of the dot matrix. As well as this when the user selects the dot matrix the also have to reselect the customised stationery each time. This may be a Windows problem but I thought Navision should default the printer in the printer dialog window. Any ideas? it’s Navision 4.0 SP1 native database.

Problem is that windows “renumbers” network ports. i.e. ne01\Printer1 ne02\Printer2 This is not the same on each and every machine and it is not same even on one machine after reboot. Solution: Change the function in CU 1 which determines the printer. Change the “Printer Selection” table or form to only save Printer1 and Printer2 instead of the stuff with the neXX\Printer This works fine then.

The printer selection table has the name of the printer as "\navision\epson… ", the pc has the name of the printer as “epson… on navision”, do I need to make sure that the code removes the \navision\ text? before submitting the print job.

Just use the Printer “Name” field instead of Printer “ID” or vice versa, I cannot exactly remember anymore [V] There is a field in the virtual printer table which just holds the printer name.

Yeap it was using “Name” instead of “ID”, and in CU 1 FindPrinter you just do a SETRANGE on Name instead of direct GET.