Navision help

Can anyone tell me where i can find Navision basic terms defination.


Could you expand on what you actually mean.

Have you got any of the manuals or been on any of the courses?

I m actually a bignner to work on MS Navision. I need some help document to be clear with the basics tearms used in of Navision like, what is posting?,what is BOM? etc. Pls help me in this regards.


Snehal Wale


“Posting” and “BOM” are not Navision terms I am afraid. You can look at the online help, but your best course of action is to attend a course or to get your NSC in and train you.


I am a technical writer working on an article in Navision 4.0. Can anyone help me out in answering the following questions?

  1. How to give the user the Read permission?

  2. How to give the user the Read permission even on the tables that are not used (empty)?

Pls. note: I don’t have the product installed in my computer.

Thank you

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I you wanr to know more about the reminology part the please go thru thr pdf which is available in the cd with the name w1w1term also you can take help of the F1 for runtime help in Navision.


you permission for role?
Tools → Security → Role

after you choose the role you want to change
klik Role → Permission