Navision Granules

Hi all,

My client would like to know if there is any Real State granule for NAV. After a good time searching i’ve found the Property Management, but it doesnt exist on my granule list, that i have from my partner.

Does anyone knows if there a granule for real state ?

Can anyone provide me an updated list of NAV granules?


Best Regards

It is not a “granule”, this must be an AddOn - developed not by MS Navision team, but third parties. and these are not included in standar pricelists.

Somewhere on MS Dynamics site there is (was?) a list of AddOns, but not all of them are available in all countries, consult your Partner, because some of these AddOns, even if available in your country, are sold (and set up) by authorised representative of the creator, or even only the creator itself.

You can check the Microsoft Dynamics Solution Finder - but as Modris says then it might not be available in your country, so you should contact the partner offering it to hear if they have any localizations for your country.