Navision G/L integration


I need to evaluate the ability to transfer in real time accounting data from an external application server (we manage the application server)

As data volume is very high, we cannot rely on global daily file transfers but need to inject continuously accounting lines based on created elements in the application server (when an invoice is created, the accounting representation is built at the same time and the accounting lines are immediatly transferred to the G/L)

I have browsed a little bit the NAV features and have seen that 3 main different ways of managing the flows seems to be prevalent :

  • data ports

  • xml ports

  • web services

First of all I would like to know if standard G/L input flows are proposed in NAV (I still don’t now my client version but let base it on NAV 2009). If not, are there plugins from 3rd party companies which handle secure and fast accounting flows. If not, what is the best channel to build a productive flow (secured, fast, with error controls and possibility to analyze the synchronization) ?

The volumes are above 50 000 accounting elements (client invoice, client deposit, client clearing, supplier invoice, supplier payments, sales/purchase reconciliation, cash management) transferred each day



A very interesting question.

But you’re actually leaving out a few other options. You can code the XML interface directly in a codeunit or other objects. Or you can actually update a SQL table externally using ODBC and then have a function in NAV check if entries has been filed into this SQL buffer table.

Thanks for the quick answer.

First of all I know nothing of MS Dynamics Nav (we are more accustomed to work with ERP platforma as SAP, Oracke Financials or JDE) so I am really a blind newbie. I have just checked forum threads to make a quick analyze (no more than one hour time spent). So i warmly welcom the extra possibilities

One sure direction is that I don’t want to directly interact with the database, I strategically prefer to go thru interated validation process. (we have no knowledge of SQLServer). My main plan is to find/use a solid functional feature to base my integration flows to get rid of basic errors (as Journal or account id not existing, non balanced elements… even if we do all the testing before, it is better to have the final validation given by the G/L module)