Navision Future

I have a doubt regarding the future of Navision. Some of my seniors says that after two years Navision will

no more be used. If its true, what wud u suggest a beginer of the Technology ?

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Look at the roadmap of Navision as attached you will get an idea will Navision die after 2 years …


ah, well. I took the time to read the roadmap chart (still having some lens-glare from all the buzzwords). Compare it to what we have and what experienced users are missing. I’d say your seniors have a gut feeling which is about like mine. Software which is not fit for business will only be kept alive for political reasons, but it won’t be used (as in used for business) in the long run.

The only really good thing from NAV 2009 (and newer) are the web services. There are some other changes under the hood which are good. Enough said.

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I kinda have this gut feeling since I’ve heard of Project Green for the first time. If I remember well that was in 2003.

Almost 10 years later NAV is still alive and kicking.

Anybody who works with NAV that says NAV won’t be used in 2 years has no business working with NAV

Find a smarter senior :slight_smile:

Daer Gaurav, U must have heard about SAP B1. Let me tell you that MSD Navision is found better in competition.

Keep listening to the environment but always apply ur own brain.

As you are a beginner in NAV, Learn added technologies like SSRS, C# integration, Web services, ODATA (future of NAV).

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