Navision Future

Navision had some products with them before the acquisition by Microsoft, and now there are quite a number of product lines within the Microsoft Business Solutions which are actually competing in the same space. It does seem there will be some consolidation and clear product positioning in some time. Also we know how the other big players, SAP, Baan, JDE, Peoplesoft, etc. are faring in the ERP market. What are the views on how the market is going to look in some time? An year down the line, 2 years, 5 years? Does any shakeout seem imminent? Which are the players likely to emerge winners and bigger? Which are the products/technologies Microsoft likely to continue with? Will Microsoft move upstream and start competing in the Enterprise segment? The strategy gurus say ‘In the long run it is always a 2 horse race !’. Is it going to be Microsoft vs SAP?

hi sukhjinder, the questions u hv put up sounds too difficult to answer. one needs to hv a complete idea of both products,existing users,market share statistics moneywise & analysis of their operations & future plans & vision. i will give u another point of view.erp so far has been a new experience for majority of the user organisations. in future i believe that evaluations of successful implementations will decide the fate of all.the returns of investments,the alignment with the changing environment,the upgradation costs involved,the developement costs involved,the compatibility with upcoming technology etc. are the features which will be the key ones. very few people consider the penetration of microsoft windows & msoffice & the compatibility of these with navision products.this is the major strength.( leave aside other features 'cuase every 3rd erp will have them.the business logic behind any of the product is always the same).infuture surely microsoft will be a tough fight for other products;provided the approach is right. the ones which they used for pushing windows & office will not help in pushing navision will hv to suit the nature of customers. i feel i hv provided enough to start the discussion. dharmendra desai

Sukhjinder - I think that if anyone really knew these types of things with any accuracy, they would be relaxing in some luxury resort instead of lurking about this forum! While it’s fun to speculate and opine, business history is littered with the carcasses of organizations that were going to dominate the market. Who would have thought 18 months ago that one of the largest accounting firms in the world would disappear? But then, that’s what’s fun about this forum…

ya it is ture, very hard to tell what will be the future, but from Navision Attain point of view i will say we have a very tough future, we will face a lot of competition, because a lot lot of peoples have switch over from other platform to navision. I am planning to learn axapta

Well I am sure these questions are there in the minds of the people who are running these businesses. And people like Gartner etc. do come out with predictions based on market reports, technology, etc. as to whats gonna happen in the next few years. Ofcourse their predictions also do go wrong, but the reason I posted this topic was the users of this forum would be in a far better position to say how the market is going to look like in some time and which are the products/technology/companies likely to dominate and how Navision products specifically would evolve. I think if people who have been in this field for a good amount of time and who are Navision specialists share their vision, it would be a great insight for everybody.

I am in this business for over 20 years. Very familiar with many of the products out there, including GPS, JDE, etc. Although it is hard to predict, I think it is important to try to, as our livelyhood depends on it. The way the market is today, with the existing products, I see a very bright future for Attain. Just in the last few weeks we closed a few deals where we competed against the best mid-market products out there. As far as I am concerned, there are many other good products out there. But there is no other product as flexible, stable, function rich, fast and easy to modify as Attain. One deal we did not get - the VP told me that he looked at everything - Navision was by far the best. Just that we came twice as much as his budget. Please note that most of our customrs are Distributors, Manufacturers & Service companies. Also, Microsoft knew what they were doing when they paid $1.4B for Navision. And there is no reason why they will not keep three products, each one with its strengths and weaknesses. If you look at the other two major palyers in the market (Sage/best and ACCPAC), they carry a few lines as well. I do think that some of the smaller companies will disapear as the Navi and GPS of the world go after Smaller Customers. As far as large ERP products, I don’t see them getting into it for a while for quitea few reasons. But who knows?

Hello. There were some announcements at Stampede (the name for the annual conference that Microsoft Business Solutions holds yearly) that there will be support for both Microsoft Business Solutions Navision (formerly known as Attain) and Microsoft Business Solutions Axapta.

This is a very good point to discuss after aquisition of Navision by Microsoft. I would like to know the future of Navision Attain/Axapta in INDIA.In India, always price is major issue.In the Indian Market,major compition would be with SAP,JDE and Peoplesoft.