Navision FTP or place where I can find hotfixes

Hi, Can you please direct me to the place where I could download all latest hotfixes for Navision 3.70 NA? In the past, I was going to the FTP: but it is not used anymore… Thanks in advance,

That doesn’t exist anymore. For a while they had changed the password, but that’s not available anymore either. The only place that I know of is partnersource, and it’s not very likely that you’ll find all of them there.

Ok… thanks… The information I’m looking for is the Navision 2.60B CA database or CD. Any idea where I could find it? Thanks,

You can try and search in the “Download & Updates” part of the page.

If you’re the end user, then you’ll need to use CustomerSource. However, I believe the customer source only tells you that there’s a hotfix out. You won’t be able to download it in CustomerSource.

No luck… I didn’t see it on PartnerSource.