Navision for Thailand

Does Navision support Thai accounting and tax rules. Does it require customization to do so or is this a standard offering for Thailand?

Yes there is a Thai version, that includes Witholding Tax and some other stuff that are to be the legal requirements for Thailand, Check the details with Microsoft Business Solutions SEA in Singapore

Hi, Navision has been avalible in Thailand for now over 7 years and are today amoang (Wellknown) the top ERP products in the SME market. MBS Thailand are supporting and market the Navision product well and there is now around 20 MBS Partners (16 Navision - 4 Axapta) with over 250 companies useing MBS. The Thai localization is basic (Functinality as laungish) but to automate and 100% reporting is requered knowledge. Please feel free to contact me if more info is requested. Best Regards Henrik