Navision for Multisite Organization


How to deal when we have a customer which is a multisite organization i.e. 
in different coutries?

Can we consolidate the databases of different countries into one database so 
that objects from different databases can be accessed in one or what is the 
procedure to be followed?

There are a few posts about that subjects. Below there is a few links. You could do a search function to find more information about that,


can anyone explain me how to proceed with the merging of databases for a multisite organization??

The procedure for merging two (or more) different localised country-versions of NAV into one database results from the application architecture in a more or less natural way. There exist a worldwide version of the application and several localised country-versions for each major release. They differ at most in two important ways. First the second language layer (ENU is the standard layer for all objects) is different in different country-versions and second there exist localised objects (normally in the object id range of about 11000) and there may be changes on standard objects due to this additional localised objects. So if you have to merge two or more different versions into one you have to merge the language layers (there exist standard tools from within NAV-Client to do this) and you have to merge the objects and their country-specific modifications. (Besides that you need a license both enduser and developer (!) which covers all of the country specific objects…). In some circumstances things might be much more complicated, for example if you have to merge two countries with different financial accounting rules. In that case you may have to implement additional code for example in the posting codeunits which controls the behavior depending on the company where the posting is done…

It’s a really complex task but it has is benefits. Microsoft NAV in each localization adds many features, most business don’t require all. A good way to reduce complexity is to merge only needed requirements.