Navision FLF

I have passed Navision Overview and Navision Attain programming. I am an employee of an NSC and would like to take my permanent developer FLF. Am I eligible? Or do I have to clear Navision Attain Solution development examination too to be eligible? On a related topic, If I am employeed by a different NSC in a different country at a later stage what do I need to get an FLF of that country as well? Will loose my earlier FLF with me? Please help! Sid

Dear Sid, You must speak to Navision India for the developer license, you will get the flf only for your current company if you change the company then you will have to apply again for license.

Thanks Ajay, I got it that I will loose my earlier FLF and instead gain a new one when I change a company. 1) But am I eligible for one right now with Now with only Navision Overview and Navision Attain programming? Or do I have to clear Navision Attain Solution development examination too to be eligible? This is important for me to know as it will take some time for me to give this examination. What do you need in UK? 2) What if I change my country and apply through a different company in a different country? I don’t need to give any other examinations and will be eligible? Thanks in advance for any help! Sid

Dear Sid, I cleared NCR (Navision Certified Representative) exam in delhi and i got the license but it was not a developer license, after that i did a course of advance solution developer in UK then i got my developer license. i could skip this course to get the developer license by just giving a simple test and few months back i changed my company and i just informed navision uk to issue a new developer license.

Hi again to all, I am getting more confused. My Navision center informed me that I ve to clear 4 examinations: Navision Overview, Navision Essentials, Navision Attain programming and Navision Attain Solution development. While as far as I had an idea, for getting a developer license for Navision attain, only 2 examinations were essential ( which I cleared diligently): Navision Overview, Navision Attain programming While Ajay informs me that you need to just give a simple test. What is this simple test? Can any one suggest ( the ones I think who can clear this confusion is one who has recently become Navision certified developer who has passed these examinations) to me what is the minimum examinations I need to clear for getting an developer license (FLF file)? Sid

hi Sid sorry i confused you, simple test is just a basic test we give within navision uk to get developer license because only NCR is not enough to get a developer license and there is no charge for this

Hello Kumar, To get a Developer’s License, you must past 3 exams. 1) Gateway to Navision Attain (Overview/Essentials) 2) Navision Programming 3) Navision Software Developer’s EXAM (1 week course + 8 hour exam) Goodluck! Exam is tough not because its hard, but because you have sooooo little time. BTW I should really apply for my own license rather than using a coworker’s but I’ve been lazy. - OJ

Hi, Thanks for the info although that means it will mean some more time to clear those. Y do they have to ask the technical guys to give Navision Essentials examintation when we are already clearing up Overview exams? :-(… Or there should exists something like NCP and NCSD(like MCP and MCSD) and we could get a license even if we clear one of them and the advanced should be optional! Anyway, this means back to the study table… Sid