Navision Financials Upgrade

I have been told that there are two ways in which to do an upgrade in Finacials. 1.Full Upgrade Merge existing objects with new objects - This gives full functionality of the latest version. 2. C/SIDE Upgrade Full Backup of database and restore into a new database - This gives new C/AL and trigger functionality. Firstly, is this right ? Secondly, if this is right, is there anything to take into consideration when doing a c/side upgrade. i.e. do I use a FULL backup or just an objects backup, and then restore the data ? I would be grateful if anyone could advise me on this.

Hi Dean, This is right. But there’s a little more into it. Because you can’t always just import a backup into a new version. I.e. in the older versions you could have objects with the same name but not number. In the new this is not allowed. Also there are object/application changes that are made due to errors in C/SIDE, thus they should always be applied. We do this a lot, and in general I recommend it if you have a large installation with many modifications. It’s an easy pass to get to the newest version, without too many hours used. But when that’s said, then I will say: ALWAYS DO A FULL UPGRADE. You are the one the end users will blame when they find an error that was fixed in a later object version. Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group