Navision Financials on MS Win2000 cluster

Does anyone know if there are installations of Financials native database (C/Side) on a Microsoft Cluster. Can Navision be installed on the ‘virtual server’ with its ‘virtual IP-adres’ so in case of a computer failure the IP-adres of the client-server connection will remain the same. Does the service automaticle transfer to the other machine. Will the client operate without reconnect. Please react with your personal experience of installing/working with Financals on a Cluster. Thanx, Peter van Lingen

I think Siemens did some testing on this. Search their website. I know I read it there some time ago //Lars

Yes, we installed Navision on an Alpha Cluster as a virtual server. If one server crashed, Navision was started on the other server. Navision is not natively cluster aware but there was software from Microsoft to handle clustering generic NT services. This solution was installed for about a year but we did have some trouble with it. I’m not sure all of the details but eventually, we just disabled it. I do not recommend using the Native navision database in this way. If you want a clustered solution, why not just use MS SQL? Edited by - Jim Hollcraft on 2001 Oct 19 04:36:01

Why not use SQL Server? Its a proven solution for clustering. We had 180 users connecting to a cluster, and we tested failovers to the passive server. Minor disruption but a reconnect by the client and all was perfect. Hardware was Siemens. Craig Bradney Technical Manager Navision Solutions & Services, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

Thanks for reply’s so-far. Why does the client need to reconnect? As I understood the virtual cluster server has its own ip-adress which remains the same in case of fail over. Peter.

I think it depends on the cluster setup. It was active/passive which does incur a minor failover time period. We didnt actually set up the cluster another company did. Perhaps it is possible without disruption - thats what a virtual IP address would indicate. The address did remain the same however. Craig Bradney Technical Manager Navision Solutions & Services, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

Craig: I justed wanted to clarify – the 180 user cluster that you use is running Microsoft SQL 2000, right? Dave

It was running SQL 7.0 (from memory) - however market pressure etc lead to this company breaking up into smaller parts recently so is not a referenceable site anymore. The difference between SQL 7.0 and 2000 is minimal in terms of setup of Navision (except versions) etc… but does have some significant changes internally to do with codepages etc etc. Edited by - cbradney on 2001 Nov 08 14:06:12