Navision Financials on clusters

Hello all, One big customer wants a big reliability system, and they think about several cluster solutions with Navision Financials. There will be 2 servers in cluster, MS WinNT Svr Enterprise Edition 4.0 OS&SP4, one with MS SQL/Navision, second with MS Exchange. How Navision Financials will work? Second choice for them are so called HP Assured Availability solution with four servers runing as one machine. Any experience or suggestions here? Thank you, Dainius Dainius Kunce AB “ALNA”, Lithuania

Hi We are running SQL Server Option on an MS Cluster with no problem. There’s nothing special with Navision from any other SQL Database in this respect. It’s also possible to run the native db on MS Cluster. I think You’ll find some info about that on Siemens web //Lars