Navision Financials and Telex

I am lokking for a posibility to send an invoice from Navision Financials 2.00 via Telex. Does anyone know about a solution or developed software to cope with this problem? Thank you.

What exactly is Telex?

You will proberbly need to do some cheeting – As you surely know, you are VERY limited when using Telex - i.e. the width of a page cannot be more that 60 chars as far as I remember. And as Navision Financials are based on Windows, and Telex are plain text, I think the only chance you have, is to make a report (or dataport) and create a .txt file… Good luck :slight_smile: Kind Regards – Henrik Helgesen, Navision Solution Developer Edited by - Henrik Helgesen on 2/8/00 3:53:25 PM