Navision Fin 1.3 on Citrix XP 1.0, Pagesetup

Hi We have a problem trying to enter Pagesetup in Navision Financials ver 1.3 (DK 2.01 b)when connected trough Citrix Metaframe XP ver. 1.0 (SP2). Navision just shut down. But if we try local (not trough Citrix) there is no problem. We kan use all other programs (also Pagesetup) from the Citrix server. The citrix server is running on a Win2000 server (SP3) We have tried to delete all Zup files, with no result. Can anyone help? Kind regards Bent

Well… an easy way and that will take not much time to test is testing using navision 3.6 database (standard) and checking if it’s working fine with your actual installation for opening navision. If so, then you can do an executables upgrade of your database (not touching the database objects but using the 3.6 executables version). The only thing it requires it’s installing the proper executables and restoring a backup of the actual database into a new created 3.6 database… and of course a 3.6 updated license. Regards,