Navision Exams refund

Hi, One of my feiend has booked Financial Managment exam through and after attending the exams we came to know there were questions on GST whcih is a Worldwide version. Later came to knwo that the exam was booked under AU number which was not mentioned while booking the exam. When contacted microsoft they said its easy to commit the mistake and they said 1000’s of people made the same mistake and they cant refund or re book the exam.and they said the exam code was mentioned in partnersouce. What is ur openion? should microsoft re book the exam?

Sorry I don’t think they will - I agree that it’s an easy mistake to make but when you book the exam, and actually select the exam code it cleary has an AU in front of it - if you scroll down the list further you will see codes starting with a GB. I know several people that have made this mistake and there was a warning on Partnersource about it. I’d be very surprised if they gave you a refund. Sorry!

Hi I have to agree with Tina. I think they went as far as putting it in the partner newsletter as well as on partnersource. If you booked the Australian (?) exam it kind of makes it your fault - there are several discussions on this in this forum around this topic. Users have passed this exam and then been told it does not count towards UK accreditation. I think you do not stand any chance of getting a refund - sorry

Hi Steven, I think AU means Austria (German language). I think the problem was the language. Regards

Maybe I mis-understood… If it’s so, sorry[V] But: Questions in exams are different among the countries? If it’s so, you are certified only for your country? Thanks[:D]

Hi Alberto The exam certificate does contain the country code so theoretically they would be country dependant. The reason for this I suppose will be the localisations - taxes for instance, or for the Americans intrastat would not be considered (or currency codes apart from the dollar [:D]). It maybe a question you can ask Microsoft.