Navision Exam 40-221 Navision 4.0 C/SIDE Introduction

Hi Guys,

I passed the Navision 40-221 exam sucessfully two week’s back with the score of 920/1000

Good to hear that, you have had a permission to sell navision. the certificate is a licence like driving license.



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Hi amol_salvi, congratulation. You are did a great job. I’m passed the Navision Solutions Development since last month.

Well done Amol, I am thinking of sitting this exam to see what’s new these days. What is the test about in reality?

Nice Amol, that’s a very useful one to have, on to the next one [:)]

David, that would be a complete and utter waste of your time, unless you enjoy that type of thing. I did that one because my employer asked me to refresh my certifications for the partner program, and I just about aced it without even studying. If you remember the old 2 week dev class, this is like chapters 1 through 3, where you learn how to open objects in design, and do simple modifications.


I am looking t going and getingg some of my certificates updated, and don’t know which ones. I am only really interested to know what expectation are for developers these days. [;)] ahh rememebr the days when the requirements were the ability to develop good solutions, and not “to know how to pass exams”.

Still well done to those that get through these tests.

Actually I did the Beta of the first ever Navision test, back then called an NCP (Navision Certified Professional). I failed, because in one of the eight sections, I answered 6 out of 9 questions correctly, the pass mark was 2/3, but in the computer it rounded to 67%, but my score rounded to 66.67%. [8o|]

I reffused on principle to do the test again, and eventually they accepted it as a pass, but it took a while.

NCR in my day. And Base and Advanced solution developer. Can I still call myself an NCR?

But that was back before the Millennium! LOL

Congratulations on passing the exam!