Navision error: Another User has Modified the record for this Sales Order after you retrieved it from the database.

Hi MBS-Navision world

Hope all is well. In an established Sales Order (3.70 SQL), I’m trying to change one of the global dimensions but receive the following error message…

Another User has modified the record for this Sales Header after you retrieved it from the database. This error doesn’t seem to happen with the same objects in MBS-Navision 3.70 Client, has anyone got any tips on how to get around this problem.

Thanks for your help as always.


David, This error occurs because another user opend the same order and changed something on it before you made your change.Because the other user made a change you do not longer have the latest version of the order and thats why navision can write your version to the database because there is a conflict between the two versions.All you have to do is close your order, wait till the other has closed his order and then open yours again and make the changes. Regards, Wendy.

Hi Wendy, Thanks for the tip. Although your explanation could be a cause to the error, I don’t think that it is the answer to my problem, as I can change any of the other fields apart from the 2 Global Dims without getting this error. I think that the error is around the main form subform link. cheers David