Navision error (10500): The Ticket table does not have an active key that starts with the following field(s): Nr..


I am having some problems with the employee portal.

I am getting an error that there is no ‘Nr.’ key in the Ticket Table when i try to sort the tickets by ‘Nr.’ in the employee portal.

The key does exist in Navision because it is the Primary key of the Ticket Table , only the name of the field is not ‘Nr.’ but ‘No.’

‘Nr.’ is the dutch caption of the ‘No.’ field.

The only reason i can think of, for this error, is that navision tries to sort on a Field that is called ‘Nr’.

Now i tried to debug it so i can find where in navision he is sorting on ‘Nr.’ instead of ‘No.’ but the debugger does not activate when i get the error in the employee portal.

Does anybody know how to debug in navision when you get a navision error in the employee portal ?



Now i created a List Web Part for Navision Employee Portal - Service Call List on the employee portal

Hi Wendy,

Try having a look for a MLCaption mismatch. i.e. its “Nr.” somewhere without the correct “No.” matching caption.

The issue looks a little weird, but maybe that will start you off.


Hi TH,

Thanks for the reply, i will try to explain it a bit more.

On the employee portal i created a list form of the navision table ‘Ticket’.On that list form you can see the fields No.,Description,Ticket Type.

When you click on the caption of the field ‘No.’ then the records should be sorted ascendingly or descendingly, but instead i get that error.

The caption in Navision of the field ‘No.’ is ‘Nr.’ , what i don’t understand is why he tries to sort on the caption of the field and not on the field number.

Is it possible to use the navision debugger with employee portal ?



Hey Wendy,

I am a little lost as to what you mean. Do you mean you are clicking on the column heading to get the data to sort by that column?

Have you tried running the debugger on your code to see where it error?


Hi TH,

Sorry for the late reply , i created a work around for the problem.

I created a new field in the ticket table which holds the same data as the No. field and i use the new field in the employee portal.This way it works fine.

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