Navision employees

I heard a rumor that MBS employees aren’t allowed to post in this forum. Anyone can confirm that???

Some solution centers also do not allow employees to post in the forum.

… and what would be the reason for this strict rule in the case of the NSC’s?? Not allow to share information and help punctually other Navision implementers…? I could imagine reasons for the MBS case (confidential info, impartiality, controled comunication and only oficial information release), but for NSC’s I think it’s rather exagerated behaviour…[}:)] Saludos Nils

Nils, Maybe NSC employers don’t wish their staff to ‘feel’ the market - see if any other NSC’s are looking for Navision related employees?! Or allow their employees to see what their peers are earning?! Just a thought!

One concern, is that NSC employees will make comments that could either damage one of their prospective sales, or help another NSC to make a sale. Don’t askme why they feel this way, but it is one of the more major reasons. THe second one was as Connull mentioned, the fear of their staff realizing that there is world out there. In terms of Microsoft, I have no idea, but historically with Navision, the policy was that Navision emploees were allowed to post in this forum, provided a/ they did not reveal confidential information, and b/ that they remain anonymous. The reason for b/ is that they did not want postings here construed as policy.

How does Microsoft feel about this forum anyway?

The old Navision feelt good about this forum - at one point even Jesper Balser (co-founder of Navision Software) was a member here. And Microsoft has always been very supportive about the Microsoft User Groups arround. They know the advantives of having us. But take a whois on the old domain name and see what I meen! There are several of their employees who are active here (but under cover! [;)]). And please keep it this way. Officially they cannot support us more. If they did, then they should support other similar groups. And also if the employees (know as official MBS employees) said anything then it would it be taken as going outside the normal and controlled channels. Navision was very very (to the extreme) careful about the Danish Public Stock Information rules, where everything had to be told offically. It think this was one of the reason, but of cause I don’t know for certain.

I suspect that some NSCs do not like their employees posting here because if they post questions, especially if it is a ‘Navision Newbie’ question, it will make them look bad - Firstly because a member of their staff does not know the answer and secondly because it shows that no one in their company knows the answer. If they are posting an answer, why are they giving their expertise for free, when the NSC could charge for it? [}:)] Fortunately I work for an NSC that does not take these views & that posting to MBSOnline is a helpful thing to do. [:)]

Hi I had the same problem in my previous Solution center. And I think it’s stupid. I think the forum is almost the only way to learn to program Navision. I learned so many things that I can use in the navision code with no reference at all in courses or help files. So many “try and error” (and lost of time). Especially for the communication with external components. (Navision use specific syntax). [|)]

Our manager encourages us to use In his opinion it’s a positive thing to help other Navision Users/Developers and we also learn things by posting and reading topics.

Marco, what a great manager you’ve got there… Can I meet him, hehehe. See you tommorrow

From my point of view, only public can make the software better. If they (Navision and NSC) don’t know what is going on, how can they improve the software. Also, John is correct. We can’t find much from the manual and help file. For example, I had asked the question regarding to crystal report integration. No resources can be provided from Navision at the moment. The only way is either learning from colleagues or from outsiders. The outsiders are people either from Navision or from other NSCs. Even microsoft had built up their own public communities to improve the knowledge tranfer between different parties. That’s one of reasons (not the only one) why microsoft can be popular in the market.

I realize that quite a lot of people agree with me that prohibiting the use of this forum the NSC employees is not really a positive attitude, ok, people invest their time in respoding topics but I have to admit that I learned a lot and kept myself up to date on the recent Navision improvements via this forum. It’s a great site and I also invite my collegues to make more use of this info source. Concerning MBS employees, I think it’s also a convenient way at least to follow the posts and to appear “under-cover”, mainly in order to “not to loose” the contact to the base and to be informed what major concerns do both NSC’s and end users face in the use of the MBS solutions. One of the advantages of open source systems (like linux) is the fact that you have thousands of people sharing their ideas and working together on the code basis, I know that this is not posible in the Microsoft case, but in a certain way we can support this kind of team work and knowledge sharing. Saludos Nils

Good comments from David , Erik and Edward. I think the site is one of the best public IT sites I’ve come across. There are obviously experts and absolute beginners, and everyone seems to help everybody which is great. From an employers perspective, some people spend a lot of time on and just occasionally I just don’t know where they find the time to do so. From my perspective it provides a good guide to issues in the Navision community. Long may it continue.

Being associated with this forum and contributing to it has always been a great learning experience here. I think the Cos. which restrict participation in this forum in one way or other have a point as they don’t want to lose business or their image being projected negatively. But restricting participation isn’t a good idea, instead restricting their Cos. identity to be used I believe is reasonable & acceptable b’cos whatever ideas we express here normally represent those who post is and not their Cos. or affiliations. At the end its a great world out here.