Navision & DialUp

Hi, guys! We’re having Navision 3.60 & DialUp installed. The thing is that DialUp sometimes breaks and we need to get the info-message about it in Navision. The task is to follow this process on the server and to pass the result to Navision. Do you have any ideas how to do that?

Dear ALL, you simply don’t have any ideas or you just ignore my question?[?]

Just didn’t understand the question. What are you trying to do and why?

its impossible task. If you use Citrix or MTS, navision dont “know” anything about connection.

If this DialUp provides an Automation Server or OCX with events then you can define a variable in Navision for this OCX/Autom. Server. Set the Property “WithEvents” to Yes. In your Codeunit you will get automatically triggers for all the events that the OCX/Autom.Server provides. Look at codeunit 5072 “Outlook Application Management”. there is a global variable OLHandler. If you look at the code you will see the events from OLHandler at the end of the codeunit.

Thanks for your advices. [:)] We made it to work more stable but still have to do it, may be some other way. Sorry for haven’t answering myself for so long [:I]