Navision developpers newsgroups

Is there any newsgroup for Navision devellopers? If not: why not? Edited by - SNielsen on 2001 Apr 25 23:08:37

Guess this is the place for such questions. My answer is: What do we need a newsgroup for when we have NOLUG. You have more features here, and still you can use it almost as a newsgroup. Soren Nielsen, moderator Integration/Developer NOLUG

Go to and search for Navision or click As of June 13, 2001 there were 8 Navision yahoogroups. Jim Hollcraft NCSD, NCSP, MCSE, CNE, MCP, MST aka Skater Unauthorized Navision News

And notice number one on this list. (Actually this goes for number two as well). It’s our good old mailing list. It does not work anymore!! Does anyone know how we can remove it from this list from Yahoo? Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group