Navision Development toolkit for NAV 5.0

Navision Development toolkit does not exist for NAV 5.0 .How can I make it work for mentioned version.

Your suggestions please.

You can use the 4.0 DTK for 5.0 databases.


I need help to export Novision 5.0 from one server and import to the other server. Can any one tell me how to do that.

What do you mean? What are you trying to export/import? What does that have to do with this topic?

Daniel Rimmelzwaan says : “You can use the 4.0 DTK for 5.0 databases.”

No I can’t ,I followed all the instructions but got the following error :52001 and then Database error 1046

Yes you can. In a former job I did the localization for a number of vertical products, and I used to have a 4.0 DTK database that held objects of all my 5.0 databases. I can assure you that it is possible.