Navision Development Exam


i am goin to give the nav dev exam…

i f anyone have the right pdf then please send me…

We have posted quite some answers to questions like this.

It will not help you, your company or your customers when you cheat with these exams.

We highly recommend that you really learn the stuff you need to know to pass these exams. Usually you should have some development knowledge when you start learning development in NAV. You should also have a quite reasonable knowledge of the application and the business procedures inside NAV before starting to play around whith NAV code.

Not only is it not good for you or your company, but it also helps everyone here on the site to support the view of “lazy” developers from India, who just want everybody else to tell him how to do his work. And that’s not fair for all you country men who are actually doing a great job and contributing positivly to the community!