Navision Developer's Toolkit - Update from Client

Hi, Does anyone know how (technologically speaking) the Navision Developer’s Toolkit and the Navision client communicate when performing an import/update from client?

Hi Jan, Have had a look at it but it still is a mystery to me. - We now try to perform versionmanagement by exporting the navision object blob field and place it into source safe - Jan-Pieter

In NA client have NSObjectXProxy.dll, NDT loads this lib. I think there is “magic”.

db, I think you could be right. Ironically this DLL was available in earlier versions of navision as wel … Oke, how to use this DLL? Is ther a typelib available? Or documentation of this DLL? Technically speaking it is possible to see what functions are inside the DLL but i think there is no way to see the parameters exept to disassembly the DLL wich is a thing i have never done before and wouldn’t quite know how to. If there was any documentation it would probably even be easy [xx(]