Navision Developer Toolkit

Hi All, I am using Navision Developer Toolkit. I want to expand the item description width to 100. In Navision Developer Toolkit how I can achieve this? If I use Source finder, it is throwing all the description fields from GL master, vendor master and other related fields having description field. I want to know, only where the Item – Description is used, so that I can go and expand the description width.

Right click the description field in the item table and select “Where used” from the context menu. Anyway I would not suggest this as you would create more problems with that than solving. Why do you need such a long description ? Do you want to print it on invoices and orders ?

You better create a completely new field which you put in tables where you need it and create code to fill it up in those tables (or you might use a flowfield to take the value in the item-table). If you start to change the existing field, within 2 years you will still get errors because of it. And I am not even talking about the hugh amount of work when you do an upgrade to a new version.

I really do not understand people which post a question and then do not answer if one asks for more details to give a good hint.

Hi, I would like to expand the Item description. thats the reason for this question. After your post, let me create a new field for the customers. Regards M. Ramanath

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