Navision Developer Age Group Poll

I’ve noticed that a lot of the main stream (J2EE and .net) Developers are “generally” quite young, and I’ve not really come across many “Young” Navision developers.

So I thought it was time for a Poll to see.

(The things I think of in the shower is quite worrying [:|])

Wow, I might just be wrong. The 22-25 category is hotting up here. I thought there were mainly more mature developers.

Would be interesting to know the level/years of experience as well…

Thats a good idea for the next Poll, I will (try to remember to) do that next :slight_smile:


Now it seems your right. the 36-40 category is warming up. Probably they (including me) need some more time to warm up! [;)]

Navision experience or programming in general? [H]

Navision exp of course - I see the 26 -30(mine) is currently on top

Maybe I shouldn’t say this, but as the admin I can also see who voted what! Really interesting! I’m not quite sure all the participants in this poll is quite honest! I think you know who I mean? [;)] But I just had to see who it was on this site who had selected the “61-70” age option…

Hey thats not fair! I created this poll and am a moderator. I wanna be able to see whose 65 years old. [;)]

Well he who selected 65 years must have been sleeping while voting… If he is, then he looks very young for his age…