Navision Deadlocking

We are facing problem in Navision while posting Sales Order, Purchase order and Production Journal, Error is something like “G/L Entry table cannot be changed because it was locked by another user”, “Item Ledger Entry table cannot be changes because it was locked by another user” and while using function Statistics “Structure Order Line Details cannot be changed because it was locked by another user”. Yes we know that this thing happen because of deadlocking in SQL server and another user is posting some transaction that’s the only reason. But when we checked that time we got to know that all the user who were logged in into system among those no one was posting any transaction and all the user getting same error. We also killed all user session from SQL to overcome this issue but unfortunate we didn’t succeed. This dead lock remain same for more than 36 hours till we restart server. If Microsoft has solution regarding these type deadlocking in SQL and Navision than provide us solution
NAV Version :- Navision 2009 R2
SQL Version :- SQL Server 2008 R2

Is there any customization done on Sales ???

What you are describing are not “deadlocks”, but rather signs of excessive blocking. While this may seem irrelevant, it’s actually rather imported to understand. As these two issues have very different causes, and therefore rather different diagnostics and solutions.

Blocking is a fact of life with multi-user databases. The problems come when that blocking becomes excessive and creates issues for users. As in your apparent case. The process to a resolution begins with identifying the source(s) of the blocking. Also at reviewing (and improving) the overall system performance. A search of this forum may be helpful, as there are many post on this subject.

Check out this:

and this:

In Customization There are some TESTFIELDS before posting and Size of some field we have extended to 100 (like description , description 2 ) fields. except this nothing in customization.

I have tried all solution by firing some query, Execution of Store Procedure Lie sp_who, sp_who2 etc, Extend initial size of ldf file, shink log file upto 3000 MB, but i didnt get to know that who had blocked all this table. Is there any way to find out who has blocked GLEntry , ILE tables.